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Welcome to Wet Goose Marine. Our company was established to offer you, the Radio Control scale boat builder, a choice of extraordinarily high quality brass fittings at affordable prices. We are confident that the quality of our fittings will enhance your models and elevate their value.

Each piece is produced using the lost wax process which is the same method utilized in creating fine jewelry. Individual masters are made and then cast in wax to produce precise and exacting duplicates of the master. Referred to as investment casting, this process is far more expensive than other simplified methods but yields superior results.

Only the highest quality 100% yellow casting brass is used to create our fittings, and no scrap or re-melted brass is ever added. Utilizing only the highest quality raw materials assures a deep and rich brass appearance that is easy to polish, finish and maintain. Fittings may be plated in all mediums including chrome, silver, gold, blackened chrome, etc. All of our pieces accept clear lacquer to assure an original brass look without periodic oxidation. Realistic aged or weathered finishes are also easily achievable.

Unlike smaller and fragile fittings used on static display models, these castings are specifically designed for various types of radio control boats in the 20 to 70 inch length range. Development and application to specific modeling scales is not the focus of the line. All fittings are designed and produced in the United States.

To keep costs affordable, the castings are left in their unfinished state. However, highly detailed finishing instructions are included with every order, and modelers can easily finish each fitting to exceptional quality with just basic hand and power rotary tools. Hobbyists unable to finish their own pieces may order finished pieces and are invited to call for detailed estimates.

Again, thank you for your interest in Wet Goose Marine. We look forward to being partners in your modeling experience.

Wet Goose Marine
4717 NW Dahlia Drive,
Camas, WA 98607
Telephone: 360-833-1548 - 8:00am to5:00pm only, PST

E-Mail: kenvalk@pacbell.net

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